Updated: 11/10/17

Resident and Fellow Contracts and Policies


  1. Resident/Fellow Contracts
  2. Residents Benefits Summary
  3. Fellow Benefits Summary

Contract Attachments

  1. Equal Opportunity Policy (JHU)
  2. Harrassment Policy (GMEC)
  3. Teacher Learner Policy (SOM)
  4. Code of Conduct (JHH)
  5. Probation, Suspension and Dismissal of Residents/Clinical Fellows (GMEC)
  6. Grievance Procedure for Faculty, Fellows and the Student Body (SOM)
  7. Drug and Alcohol Policy (JHU)
  8. Physician Impairment (GMEC)
  9. Disability Services Guidelines (JHU)
  10. Duty Hours Policy and Procedure (GMEC)
  11. Moonlighting of Residents and Fellows in ACGME and ABMS Accredited Programs (GMEC)
  12. Professional Fee Billing (GMEC)
  13. Health Care and Sick Leave Policy for Postdoctoral Trainees
  14. New Child Accommodations for Full-time Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Trainees
  15. Non-Medical Leave of Absence for Postdoctoral Trainees (GMEC)
  16. Professional Liability Insurance (GMEC)
  17. Criminal Background Check Policy
  18. Maryland Registration and Licensure
  19. Policy on Sexual Harassment
  20. Records Retention Policy
  21. Policy on Mandatory Immunizations/Vaccination

Additional Policies and Resources